Saturday, March 07, 2009

Things to Tend To

Like a novice craps shooter, I'm moving into hedge-your-bets territory with this job search. In addition to keeping options open in PR or business communications, I'm starting to expect to make a substantial amount of my income through my new trade: bartending. Yesterday I finished up my course at DrinkMaster Bartending School, which means I'm pretty well-trained and qualified to make an Absolut Sex on the Beach, straight-up, rocks on the side.

But that means I've also got to start another job search; I've got to find someone to hire me to work as a bartender part-time while I'm still in school (and maybe more after I graduate until I find something in my field). Remake the resume entirely, emphasizing a whole new skill set that has nothing to do with the written word.

(Also: I love that the instructor of the class confirmed what I've always suspected. People are dumb.)

From time to time, I wonder if I wouldn't have been better off studying something else - there's just seemingly nothing out there. Yeah, I know that's not true, very cynical, blah blah blah. But try convincing college seniors (especially those in the liberal arts majors) of that. Myself included. I bet I'll have an easier time convincing someone to pay me to make a round of Blue Kamikaze shots than I will convincing them to pay me to report on the decline of science fairs throughout MetroWest. Even worse? I think I'd probably make more money bartending than I would at an entry-level journalism job.

Photo is mine from Boston in 60 Project.

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  1. My vote is you find a job reporting on bartending. That would be the best of both worlds.