Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Starter's Gun

Let the search begin in earnest, I suppose. I'm now officially graduated from college. (Technically, that means I could put letters after my name if I wanted to, but that would be kinda ridiculous.)

The month of April was so incredibly hectic with finals, my show, moving home, and graduation prep that I wasn't able to properly sit down and plan out what my summer and forward was going to look like. Now that I'm home again, I would like to think that this summer is just going to be a quick rest-stop, as it were.

The plan as I would have it drawn up:

  • Make contact with editors throughout the Globe (and other publications?) and pitch stories for freelance opportunities. Also continue to write for Blast Magazine.
  • Create a home-office sort of space that would give me the right settings to focus on writing and public relations/marketing work.
  • Pick up as many hours at the Globe on the City Desk and Message Center as humanly possible.
  • Finalize production team and resources for Summer Scene's production of Seussical Jr.
  • Find local bartending job, get back into pouring drinks...and getting paid for it.
  • Hang out with Greg and Natalie as frequently as possible, because both of them are taking off at the end of the month.
  • Try to start working out regularly, now that I've got more time to do so.
  • Begin to map out each scene and the set for Seussical Jr.; audition program participants and cast show.
  • Ask around about potential apartment-mates for the fall.
  • Continue to search for and apply for full-time jobs in the Boston area.
  • Continue work at Globe, Blast, bar.
  • Direct Seussical Jr., make the show kick ass.
  • Settle on apartment-mates and find and secure apartment near T line that will let me have car. That last part is pretty key.
  • Continue working at Globe, Blast, bar.
  • Hopefully I'll have a job by now - once Seussical Jr. concludes, I'll be left with only my part-time jobs, so I'll need to have something lined up very soon to work toward the apartment money.
  • Part-time work throughout.
Oh, and blogging and twittering and establishing an online identity throughout.

So yeah, that's what I'm hoping happens. We'll just have to see how well I can put that into action.

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